Your Guide to Trading the Markets is comprised of the following modules:

  • The Streetwise Investor, an Intro
  • Stock Market 101
  • Stock Market Trading
  • Forex
  • A Guide to Cryptocurrency
  • Actively Trading the Market
  • Apply Financial Analysis

THE PURPOSE of this course is to give a complete understanding of the stock market and its concepts and provide the knowledge on how to trade markets successfully both in theory and in practice.

To navigate the content of each module the student must log in with the email and password emailed to him/her on registration with Stock Market College. We recommend changing your password by following the prompts on the email received.  Each module is made up of lessons and each lesson is quizzed to ensure understanding of the content.  An assessment after each module needs to be completed after all lessons, in order for a badge of completion to be awarded. Only once the lessons on Financial Analysis have been completed and proof of evidence submitted, assessed and moderated with a final pass mark, will a certificate of competence be awarded in accordance with BANKSETA accreditation standards.

For support with any aspect of your course, contact the Academic Support team.

Academic support:  

Monday – Friday (08h00-16h00)

Jacques De Beer
E: jacquesdb@stockmarketcollege.co.za
T: 011 315 1000

Zelda Van Pletsen
E: zelda@stockmarketcollege.co.za
T:  011 315 1000

We wish you success in your studies and hope you will make the most of the material, theoretical and practical on your journey to becoming a successful trader.  We believe this course will contribute to both your personal and professional development.  Your current courses and progress are listed below:

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