Stock Market 101

The purpose of this course is to provide you, the learner,  with the required knowledge and skill to trade the stock market successfully.

In order to trade the market successfully, one needs the correct knowledge and training to understand how the market is driven.  Greed and fear are two common emotions responsible for traders making incorrect decisions in this industry. If you can become confident and skilled in trading the market, and have the ability to make decisions based on a successful recipe and not emotions, you can become a very successful trader.

There is only one way to become confident and that is by gaining as much knowledge as possible. Trading is risky, take it seriously.

It is important to note that the onus is on you, the learner, to prove your competence. Working systematically through the learning material, applying the relative principles both theoretical and practical, will enable you to identify the skills and knowledge you require in order to trade the stock markets.

Utilise the webinars on the “Active Trading” module.

The module is comprised of the following lessons:

Stock Market 101