The Streetwise Investor

In this module, we assume that you know little to nothing about the stock market.

The purpose of this module is to take you from the basics of the stock market, and with your effort and dedication, turn you into a more knowledgeable and active private investor. If you treat trading like that of a business – managing profits and losses, you will remove the emotion from the action and make the decision-making process a lot easier and the end result more successful.

Making money on the market is the obvious goal for all who trade the stock market. Whether you are trading stocks as an investment – someone who buys a stock(s) and holds onto the stock for an indefinite period of time, ordinarily longer than a year, or you trade daily/weekly – the end result is that of profitable gain. You want to make money

Remember, trading stocks carries risks. Never trade with money that you are not prepared to lose – your bond repayment/child’s school fees, etc.

Being a trader is like running a business. You manage an inventory of stock, buy and sell this stock in order to make money. In order to run this business, you need knowledge and tools. You learn the use of the relevant tools as well as their application.

The module is comprised of the following lessons:

The Streetwise Investor