Stock Market Trading

The purpose of this module is to teach you the PRACTICAL use of the trading platform. This module will be referred to during and after platform training.  Effort has been made to write in such a manner that it speaks to YOU the user of the Protrader Trading platform in simple, everyday language and to ensure:

  • that you are comfortable with the entities involved.
  • that the basic layout of the ProTrader Platform is understood and that you will be capable of utilising its features with confidence.
  • that you will grasp the trading concepts.
  • that you will be able to trade successfully and in so doing make money.

We have elected to use CFD’s to explain the ProTrader platform as it is covers leverage and the long and short selling of the instrument.

Utilise the webinars on the Actively Trading module for further practical, day-to-day teaching.  A webinar is a live training video seminar watched online using the internet from your device e.g. laptop, tablet, iPad or phone – from your office or home. You will benefit immensely by listening to a broker from QuickTrade guiding you through concepts of the market.  All QuickTrade clients will receive an invitation via SMS or Email to register for a webinar.

The event schedules are as follows:

Monday to Friday 12H00 to 14H00
Saturdays 10h00 to 11h30

Topics the Webinar will cover:
• Technical analysis
• Pattern formations
• Charting
• Fundamentals: topical info and research websites
• Trade ideas
• CFD’s
• Forex
• Risk and reward calculations

Join a Webinar:
1. Register by selecting the link on the email or SMS you receive.
2. You will be directed to the Click meeting website.
3. Submit your information for the event.
4. Selected Register Now
5. A confirmation email with details regarding logging into the webinar will be sent to you.
6. A Confirmation of registration email will be sent.
7. A reminder of the webinar will be sent 30 min before the webinar starts.
8. Select Join and enjoy the education.

Where can I get the latest Recordings if I missed the webinar? Clients will find a recording of the Webinar in the Actively Trading module as well as the Quicktrade Geared for Trading Facebook Group.

You can download the PDF of this module here: QuickTrade ProTrader User Manual NOV 2017

The module is comprised of the following lessons:

Stock Market Trading

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